Picture of DaY

Today’s picture of the day is…………………………. singing!!I chose this picture because songs can make you feel happy,sad,excited,or just relaxed! So this is today’s picture of the day

credit is given to:www.peevishmama.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/0…guy in shower singing his heart out!!

PiCture OF tHe dAY !!!

Today’s picture of the day is Lady Antebellum with Tim Mcgraw. I chose this picture because yesterday I was out at Lady Antebellum’s concert. Tim Mgraw was there too!! Lady Antebellum is a country group that I love and Tim Mcgraw is a singer who has been singing for quite a while and I always wanted to see them in concert. I went to go see them yesterday and had a blast screaming the lyrics to their song and I chose two pictures. One of  Tim and one of Lady Antebelum!!!


Credit is given to: viddug.com/images/albumcovers/Lady_Antebellum  and to: panchaldesigns.com/…/countrymusic.htm







lady a

Good Information and Bad Information, to put on the Internet!

                                        There are many things to put on the internet but there are more things to not put on the internet. First thing first , NEVER put your age, address, or your number on the internet because it can lead to so many bad actually horrible things. If you put your address on the internet ( which I hope no one is dumb enough to do) then you can have stalkers, and predators, or these type of peopel called sex offendors who are people that come to your home and abuse you or threaten you like a predator but probably even worse that can come to your house and that is bad. Never under any circumstances tell a stranger on the internet how old you are. There are also predators on the internet. Don’t put your number either. Did you know that some people have the ability to track your phone. There is technology to do that! I know that is hard to believe but it is true I watched it on the news. Information that is apprpoiate for the internet is information like school based on information on things you’re learning. That is information that is useful. Information like the news and health information on the internet is also appropiate information also. This is what you should do and not do with information  on the internet. 🙂

My Special Weekend!!!

                 Has there ever been a time when you had so much homework on a weekend?? Well this weekend I am going to be going to a desert called Yucca Valley and I have t organize a lot of my things for my Tale Of Despereaux project. I have to fix my time lines and finish filling out a vocabularty chart for homework.  I do plan on having fun at the same time because I don’t leave until tomorrow and I am going to try and finish some of my homework today. I am going to a desert that is next to Palm Springs and boy is it going to be HOT!!! The trip is also a two hour drive!!I still wish that we could go during the winter because it snows there and I love the snow. I can’t wait till tomorrow!!!

 Credit is given to:aeve.com/digitaldesert/joshua/yv01.jpg